About Dee

Welcome to my humble online abode! I’m so glad you dropped by, purposefully or otherwise. I hope you decide to stay, as you are certainly welcome to get comfortable, pull a seat up to the table, and enjoy the delicacies prepared for you through the word of God. Come drink from the fountain that never runs dry. Gain a peace that surpasses understanding. Have everlasting life–and an abundant earthly life!

Sound too good to be true? It isn’t. How do I know? I’m The Living Testimony. I am a living testimony of God’s goodness, grace, mercy, and redeeming power. My purpose is to share the good news!

Disclaimer: This isn’t an advice column, because God’s word is non-negotiable. As the Spirit gives me utterance, I pray I share an understanding of His word, and how it is applicable to every life issue under the sun. I am not an ordained minister, nor trying to be (miss me with that. LOL), but I do believe that I am a vessel of the Holy Spirit, and He will lead and guide this blog.

I do, however, have an agenda (you knew it, didn’t you!?): Lost souls being won to Christ and encouragement to my fellow brother and sister is at the heart of every letter I type!

What’s your testimony?


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