On Purpose

“Post originally written in August 2014”

As I’m thinking about my purpose for building and sharing this blog, my mind immediately goes back to that age-old question adults have asked children since the beginning of time–you know that one (side eye).

“So ____________ , what do you want to be when you grow up?”

Ever since I can remember remembering, my answer was always “I want to write books and travel the world as a motivational speaker.”

Awesome, right? According to the looks I received (especially when my answer had not changed at 17), not so awesome. I guess most people expected me to say something obtainable–something a 4 – 8 year degree would afford me. I get it, and by golly, I tried!

I considered Engineering my freshman year, Social Work my sophomore and junior years, and settled on Sociology my senior year; only because I was just ready to be done with school!

I’ve received a piece of paper giving me credit for my accomplishments, and that comes in handy still, but I’ve found no joy or passion in my degree–let alone a job.

“Aha, I’ve found the solution,” I think. “I’ll go back to school. Surely a Master’s in “something” will fulfill my life.” Upon second thought, the idea of spending another hard earned penny in higher education repulses me, and the thought of another minute in a typical classroom bores the color from my irises.

And so, I’ve been wandering aimlessly for many years, trying to find my niche on accident. Trying unsuccessfully to make a footprint in the world. Settling for anything in life, because I had no burning desire to do anything in particular. My life was like a song on repeat–same lyrics, same beat, over and over again.

I literally threw my hands up and said, “I can’t do this anymore!” It was at that moment, that Christ spoke to me and reminded me, that He is just waiting for me to return to Him; That He has a plan for my life; and that my purpose has been within me all along.

But wait–there’s more! When I renewed my commitment to Christ, I was flooded with PASSION!!! Passion for LIFE and to have it more abundantly. Passion to live holy and be separated. Passion and inspiration to write. Hunger and desire for God’s word and to fulfill the great commission (Matthew 28:16-20).

I see clearly now, that my original desire to write and travel the world as a motivational speaker was given to me by God, for His use, to win the lost to Christ and to encourage my family in the Lord.

And so “The Living Testimony” was birthed. This is my forum to share my life with you–the good, bad, and the “I cannot believe she did that” ugly. I hope you laugh, cry, repent, pray, and search your heart with me. But most of all, I hope you learn that God’s word is “spirit and life.” – John 6:63

What’s your testimony?


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