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Good grief

Last night — or this early morning, to be exact, I learned that a brother in Christ passed away. He was hit by a car while walking down the street. I’m grieving…I’m grieving hard.

I didn’t know him too well. But I knew all I needed to know. He was genuine and always had a positive word to say. He wasn’t a man of many words, until he “sang.” And yes, that bruh could SANG! Never needed music — his voice was the music. He’d been a member of our church for a while — about a year if memory serves me correctly.

Unbeknownst to many, sometimes he had walked the street the entire night, after being kicked out by his family. And then sometimes, he’d look like a brand new man — clean cut, fresh clothes; couldn’t tell he had any problems! When he opened his mouth, he sounded and articulated like a recent graduate of Harvard School of Law.

So it came as a shock when I heard the news that he was hit and killed. Naturally, outside of our church circle, our paths never crossed. So, in many’s eyes — I shouldn’t be “that shooken up.” But spiritually — on a plane the natural mind could not comprehend — that was my true brother in Christ. We were connected by blood. The blood of Jesus Christ that cleansed us both from our sins and gave us rights to an inheritance within the Kingdom of God. So, yeah — we were kin, and while my natural mood is somber and questioning, my Spirit man is vigilant! The Spirit reminds me that Psalms 116:15 says,

Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints.

So, my spirit man is rejoicing, and I have faith that his suffering days are over, and new and everlasting life has begun! Although I will never see him again on this side of glory, he is where I am striving to be. He is safe in the arms of our Father. When questions continue to rise in my mind — “why, Lord, why?!” His gentle Spirit comforts me and reminds me that God, my PERFECT God, makes no mistakes, and will use this all for His glory.

When I think to myself that I haven’t done enough, His Spirit reminds me that I’ve planted seeds, and I’ve watered, and He will get the increase. Heaven has increased and gained a soul. That’s my belief. I trust in a God, who is all knowing, and whose ways are not our ways.

I’m rambling. But my soul is rested now. I’m confident D’s death is only another catalyst for me to fervently pursue all that God has for me to do.

I’m Delijah. Redeemed through Christ. Saddened, yet strengthened by the death of my brother. What’s your testimony?